What if everything

is a lie?

What if our world was a little bit more magical than we ever expected?

In a world full of normal life chaos, heartache, and love…

there lies a secret hidden in plain sight.

Lexi is a normal College Junior, but after a devastating loss, she learns there are lies hidden in every corner of her life.

Her childhood, her biology, even her future have all been lies, wrapped around a hidden ability she never asked for.

Can Lexi move past the lies? Can she trust herself, even if she has to accept the darkness inside?

The Intuitives series is has magical realism, spice, chaos, emotional damage, and some dark themes.

Are you ready to take the journey?

Can you handle the lies or will the truth destroy you?

The Lies We Tell

I grew up logical. No fairy tales, no romantic notions, no expectations.

Life is unfair. I knew this. I bled it. Lived it.

But the damage… that was unexpected. Because it was all a lie.

Every moment, every story, every ideal I held onto, was a lie. Somewhere, somehow the lie exploded and now, now my reality is far more grim than logic.

It’s an expanse of color filled reality, heartbreaking loss, spine chilling emotions imprinted into the psyche I didn’t ask for.

I didn’t ask for any of this. I wanted a peaceful life. But that was bulldozed the second she went missing and he showed up on my front porch. The moment fiction and reality blurred their lines in my mind.

Can I run from the truth? Can I escape the fear of becoming a monster? Or will I give into the desires I underestimated?

The only thing I truly know is… if I’m not careful… I know I’ll Byrne.

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The Truth We Hide

I grew up logical.
But logic no longer holds a place in my soul.
The fairytales, the romantic moments, the expectations, those are all real.
I’m living it, I’m breathing it.
The damage, the damage is mine to carry and I have everyone, even myself, to blame.
I’m no longer holding onto the lies, but searching for the truth.
There are no questions on why the lies exploded. But when they did, they broke me with them.
My reality is shaking to its core, forcing me to decide between my soul and the void of painless understanding.
The overwhelming emotions that fill me are now not only a part of my psyche, but my every waking moment forcing me to decide between my soul and a void of painless understanding.
My dreams for my life were shattered the moment he betrayed me, and the monster chasing me, found me.
Can I hold on to my humanity?
Can I protect the people I love from the shadow that follows me?
Or will death be the only option I’m left with?
The only thing I know is, if I’m not careful… The Byrne will scald me worse than the betrayal.

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The Games We Play

Book 3 in the Intuitives Series

Coming August 2024

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