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E.Y. Kelley

Contemporary Romance ~ Dark Romance ~ Fantasy

The Intuitives Series

What if everything is a lie?

What if our world was a little bit more magical than we ever expected?

In a world full of normal life chaos, heartache, and love… there lies a secret hidden in plain sight.

Lexi is a normal College Junior, but after a devastating loss, she learns there are lies hidden in every corner of her life.

Her childhood, her biology, even her future have all been lies, wrapped around a hidden ability she never asked for.

Can Lexi move past the lies? Can she trust herself, even if she has to accept the darkness inside?

The Intuitives series is has magical realism, spice, chaos, emotional damage, and some dark themes.

Are you ready to take the journey? Can you handle the lies or will the truth destroy you?

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Secrets Of The

Camden Hills PTA

In small town Camden Hills, GA, the town motto “Where Tradition Meets Acceptance” is law! Especially to members of the Prep school’s PTA.

So when these couples find that their new found “desires” aren’t quite traditional, they’ll do anything to keep them.

A Standalone series, book 2 releasing March 2024.

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New Dark Romance...

Coming Fall 2024!

She's been the back sheep of the family her whole life. So when the opportunity presents itself to be the morally grey character everyone thinks she is, she just might take it.

He isn't morally grey. He's straight psycho and he has to have her no matter what the cost.

This book is loaded with triggers and is NOT your normal HEA. You've been warned.

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