As an AVID reader, I do my best to help promote
and uplift my fellow Indie Authors.
Here are some of my recommendations for books
I've loved by fellow Indie's.

These are all on Kindle Unlimited


*- Absolute Fave

CD - Closed door- No on page sex/spice.

S - Spicy- mostly plot, with a bit of spice. If the spice was gone, the book would still exist.

SM - Smut- half plot, half spice. The book wouldn’t exist with out one or the other.

ER - Erotica- little plot, heavy spice. Without the spice, the book wouldn’t exist.

HS - High School - The book or series takes place in a high school setting (the + means it continues after high school)


Any book by Eva Ashwood (RH SM)

Empire High/Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak (MF, S/SM)

3 doors by JL Vanders (MF, S)

The Ravenhood series by Kate Stewart (MFM, MF, S)

Him by LL Ash (MF, Age gap, S)

Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak (MF, SM)

The Words by A Jade (Rockstar, SM, +FMC)

Dear love, I hate you Eliah Greenwood (MF, S, HS)

Any book by Elle Thorpe (RH, MM, +FMC, SM)

Three night Stand by Rebel Bloom (RH, SM)

Little Dove by Layla Frost (Age Gap, MF, S)

Fight for It by Lauren Greene (MF, SM)

Dark Romance:

(Please check trigger warnings)

The Lords series by Shantel Tessier (MF, MFM, SM)

Royals of Forsyth University (RH, SM)

The Game by LP Lovell (MMF, SM)

Hallowed Crows MC (RH, SM)

Four Horsemen by Sarah Bailey (RH, SM)

Dark Fantasy:

(Please check trigger warnings)

Vicious Lost Boys by Nikki St Crow (RH, SM)

Feral Princess Series (MFM, ER)

Honeysuckles by January Rayne (MF, SM)

*The Souls trilogy by Harley Laroux (MF, SM)

Zodiac academy (this will break you) (MF, MFM, S-SM)

Pale court by Liv Zander (MF, SM)

*Lies of the Fae by M.J. Lawrie (MFM, SM)


*A court of Gilt and Shadow series (RH, SM)

Shadow Shifter series by Jaymin Eve (MF, SM)

The Wolf King series by Lauren Palphreymen (MF, S)

Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent (MF, S)

Beasts of the Briar series by Elizabeth Helen (RH, MM, SM)

The Bonds that Ties series by J Bree (RH, S-SM)

Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac (RH, SM)

Anything by Lillian Lark (MF, RH, MM, SM)

The Mate Games by K Loraine (RH, SM)

Zodiac Wolves by Elizabeth Briggs (MF, SM)

Psycho Shifters by Jasmine Mas (RH, SM)

Whispers of the Deep by Emma Hamm (MF, S)

The Heir of Shadow and Stone by Rue Volley (MF, S)

*The Ever King duology by LJ Andrews (MF, S)

Rain of Shadows and Endings by by Melissa Roehrich (MF, MFM, S)

Twilight of Embers by Tessa Hale (MF, S)

Of Dragons and Fae series by Jasmine Walt (MF, CD)
Maze of Shadows Series by Kathryn Ann Kingsley (MF, S)

Wicked Fates by Monique Stokes (RH, S)

PLEASE consider writing a review for these authors if you choose to read their books! Reviews are the BEST way an author can get seen! And we all appreciate it so much!