Secrets of the Camden Hills PTA

In small town Camden Hills, GA,

the town motto “Where Tradition Meets Acceptance” is law!

Especially to members of the Prep school’s PTA.

So when these couples find that their new found “desires” aren’t quite traditional,

they’ll do anything to keep them.

Some Traditions Were Meant To Be Broken.

The Procedures Rule: The first rule of the PTA Handbook. As the most important rule, it declares how even through trials and issues between the PTA members, there is always a resolution that can be found.

Luke and Nicole Williams have lived their whole marriage in small town Camden Hills, GA. A peaceful town, where the mentality of the local private school is law. Where Tradition Meets Acceptance.

When their marriage is threatened by a lack of intimacy, stress, and personal issues… Luke and Nicole discover a side of themselves they never knew existed.

Can they keep their desires out of the judgmental eyes of the town, or will they cave to the mundane rules of society?

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Some Marriages,

Were Meant for More.

The Inclusivity Rule

The second rule in the PTA handbook.
This rule generates the understanding that sometimes adding in more perspectives to the group maybe end up creating a better dynamic as a while in representing the outcome of the PTA.

Kason and Paige Cruz have lived in Camden Hills for the last four years. It took blood, sweat, and tears to come back after a fall out with Paige’s family. But when new neighbors move in next door, bringing Paige's past back home and a vision of what she craves in her own marriage, they are faced with a harsh reality. Everything they fought to have, may not be worth what they lost.

Ryder Branson has been gone from Camden Hills for fourteen years. But when his mom gets sick, she asks one thing of the time she has left. Have her son near her and get to finally meet her grandsons. Ryder and his wife, Harley, both thought their biggest issue would be suppressing their lifestyle, which Camden Hills would never accept. Turns out, the bigger issue is... they might like their new neighbors, a little too much.

Can these couples make it in the Camden Hills community or will they cave to the mundane rules of society?

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Some relationships are better viewed from the outside in.

The Reflections Rule

Book 3 in the Camden Hills series coming July 2024.

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